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Benedicte 04/2001

by Administrator on Jul.14, 2009, under Glamour

Well, we met via a model agency ran by a friend, back in Belgium. I’m not sure when this was. I know it was April, and I think it was the year 2001. Since then, we stayed friends. We kind of naturally went along together . We share the passion of photography. She has her own style and I’ve learned from it. She’s an artist, a true one that dares standing out. She’s a photographer, and sometimes also a model. She’s determined and passionate about her photography and her life. You take all of her, or you just don’t. She is beautiful. What else can I say? No other words can be better at it than those. And she’s sweet to the extreme. In two words, you do not meet that kind of person, and personality, everyday in your life. We only worked together once, as I’m quite distant from her (she lives in Belgium). We are thinking about another photo shoot soon. I have already started thinking about the work we can put down together. Anyway, I thought sharing one picture here with you. More are on my web site.

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