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Maud & Matt 10/09

by Administrator on Nov.17, 2009, under Family

I felt honored when Maud asked to work again together to capture images of her son Skye, who has grown so unbelievably up since our last photo session only a few months ago. This time gain, we also took advantage of Skye sleep time to capture images of Maud and her companion Matt, indoor and outdoor.

I like the result very much. I can see in these photographs the emotion that characterize very much Maud, the cool personality of Matt and the energy and positive attitude of Skye. We have several pictures that really captured the love of the mother and the father for their children. And that is what I’m all about.

One side note. Along that bridge you see here below, we discovered we had some fan watching us during the photo shoot. We had the usual ducks, birds, squirrels, etc. but also a venomous snake. Very troublesome for such a public park we were in, should I add. Conclusion: watch it before you sit on it ;-0).

This was a good session. Thank you, Maud and the gang.

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