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by Administrator on Dec.13, 2009, under Events

Finally, the D day has arrived. Saturday December 12th was the HELP-PORTRAIT day.

This movement has been started about a year ago in the US. It’s one guy who decided that for once in the year he will give pictures, not just take them. From there, a lot of us followed suit. Everywhere.

HELP-PORTRAIT gathers photographers who wanted to give a special day to persons in need. We used our photographic talents for this. We called in make-up artist, hair stylist, assistant, etc. to make that day a real studio photo shoot for people who might never had that in their life.

I signed up this year. METROCREST is based in CARROLLTON, TX, not far away from where I live. They are a social services establishment. They help people by providing them food, support for job search, etc. The last thing in people’s mind over ther is photography and portrait. So, we took it to give them a photograph of them for free.

It worked out well. People sat for their pampering make-up/hair experience, took the pose, selected their picture and got a 8×10″ framed picture. I had the chance to play around with the kids in between shoots. I showed them my equipment, and how it worked.

The experience was unique, even though not unknown, I’m afraid, as we all know people in precarious situation nowadays

Here is a short video of the day. I hope it will give a feeling about the work we accomplished that day.

HELP-PORTRAIT – CARROLLTON – TX – USA, December 12th 2009

Please excuse the video quality but the video has been heavily compressed, so to allow easier download from your side.

For a better quality, please go here:

You can visit HELP-PORTRAIT official web site in the coming days to see all the pictures and video of the events organized world-wide.



I just saw that we got our HELP-PORTRAIT 2009 group picture selected in HELP PORTRAIT 2009 official promo video

Look at time 1’ 17” to 1’ 19”.

We took this shot at the end of the event. I think the picture reveals the atmosphere of the day.

If all goes to plan, I’m planning another event in September (back to school) and December (Christmas) this year.



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