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HELP-PORTRAIT 12/2009 – Update

by Administrator on May.27, 2010, under Events


I just saw that we got our HELP-PORTRAIT 2009 group picture selected in HELP PORTRAIT 2009 official promo video

Look at time 1’ 17” to 1’ 19”.

We took this shot at the end of the event. I think the picture reveals the atmosphere of the day.

If all goes to plan, I’m planning another event in September (back to school) and December (Christmas) this year.



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Lone Star Circus – The Show 05/2010

by Administrator on May.26, 2010, under Show

And it is a wrap!

I invite you to look through the photographs I took during the latest Lone Star Circus event. It was held in Garland, Texas.  Here is a link where you can see all the pictures:

Lone Star Circus – May 2010

Click “sideshow” option at the top of screen  to listen to the music of the show.

It was a profound and revealing experience for me. I never came close from  a circus in my life but from the “Cirque du Soleil” classics.

I have done before fashion shows where every minute comes a discharge of adrenaline rushing down your body. Oh yes, that is thrilling to bit. But what a bout a circus then?

So, I decided to attend a few rehearsals as I wanted to impregnated myself with this new atmosphere. That is the only way you can take good photos of the show itself. There was no elephant or tiger, but young kids training for perfection. Teachers always on the lookout for the kids improvement and security, it was an environment where I could see kids growing healthy physically and mentally. A lot of rigor and practice comes ultimately with a huge self-confidence factor. And succeeding is not that important in fact. It is also how do you tackle your failures when they happen on stage during the real show? What a lesson they gave us that week-end! All the kids did their best. But some had missteps. And you had to see their bravery trying to redo and redo again up to the moment it clicked. The public was with them, encouraging the kids to go to the end of their moment. Because, it was indeed their moment.

The teachers and helpers were really good and dedicated. They had the required authority to run the business (so many kids!) and the kids loved being “bossed” around by their mentors. You could see that on their faces during the rehearsals and when they performed on stage where they mentors always kept an eye them during the performance.  It is really like the students understood the adults were there for their good, and not just to annoy them. What a change :-)

Beautiful, emotional, strong but so light, colored and musical. I only have superlatives for what can be gained from a circus environment such as the Lone Star Circus. I think we will be able to tell one kid from another once they go through such education. Education? Yes, that is what it is to me. It is a strong preparation for the real life. How does the saying go again?: Good in your body, good in your mind!

I posted on the web all the pictures of the event itself. But I decided to make a book to relate the full circus experience. The book gathers about 120 pictures of plain emotion gathered during rehearsals, practices and behind the scene shots during the event. Kids were so in their own world behind the scene, that it had to be documented. Their smile, their fear, their fun, their make-up “make me a princess” moment… You can buy or just see a preview of the book here:

The book!

If you have five minutes, browse through the book. You might get stung by curiosity and decide to give it a shot locally, wherever you are!

And if you only have 30 seconds, here is an appetizer:


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Lone Star Circus – The Rehearsals 05/2010

by Administrator on May.12, 2010, under Show

15th and 16th May 2010, I will have the chance to photograph a circus event from the Lone Star Circus school, here in Dallas. They have two shows this coming week-end.

I talked to them a few weeks ago and explained what I wanted to do, which is telling the story that lead to the creation of the coming shows. Practice, rehearsal, back stage, event shooting, etc. All of that documented in a series of photographs that bring the atmosphere to the viewer. It will be electric those days, I’m loving it already.

I have attended two rehearsals during the last two weeks. I have to say that I have been impressed not just by Fanny and her team teaching to the kids, but also by the kids themselves; all appeared committed to learn and to perform. What a lesson…

If you have not bought your tickets, there is still time. Those shows are really too magical to miss. Let me know if you need information on buying the tickets.

So, here is a glimpse of how our artists are getting prepared for this week-end shows.

Warming up. Always.

Friends perform on stage, and the kids are filled with wonder

Strong but soft. Permanent body control.

Agile. Very.

The natural equilibrium seems respected

So natural

"Sans dessus dessous"

Flying like a bird

Elegance. Perfection.

Fanny talking to the kids

Concentrate and stay focus


Getting ready



And to conclude the day, let's have some fun to...

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Pro’ model photo shoot 05/2010

by Administrator on May.10, 2010, under Glamour

This past week-end, I did something unusual for me. I worked with a professional model. Usually, I privilege photo shoot with regular persons. Why? Firstly, because strangely enough, they taught me everything I know about model interaction. Then, for me, it has always been the insurance of obtaining very natural poses and atmospheres, unobstructed by all the canonical rulings of the modeling eco system.

I was wandering how the photographic relation would be, how the moment would go on with a pro’ model. I was not expecting too much as I was part of a group shooting a model. You barely have the time to talk or direct the model, or to know her. A moment of true was coming up for me… so I thought. Could I produce anything close to the work I create with every day woman?

Well, it was a positive experience for me. We had a real professional working with us. She anticipated a lot of different pauses. Because she was a great professional, she also understood I wanted to direct her differently,  just the way I saw her, personally. So she did work with me, and we had several photographs that came up quite well. We were at an outdoor location. I think I would have preferred an indoor location like a hotel though.

Conclusion? I cannot pronounce myself. I have yet to take the same model in a one to one photo shoot. Then, I will be able to see what to expect from a pro’ model.

So, let me share with you a few photographs, and let me know what you think.












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