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Pregnancy – 11/2010

by Administrator on Dec.31, 2010, under Expecting, Glamour, Intimacy


Finir l’annee en toute beaute…

So came November 2010… I met a person who wanted to take the time to fix moments of her pregnancy onto a photographic paper…

I got an e-mail several weeks ago asking if I was available for a pregnancy photo session before she was too close from the due date. I happened to travel then, and I had to push out the session. I got to meet the mother (third time mother by now) an evening and I think it is safe to say we understood each other pretty quickly. She saw my previous work on my web and while we were going through my previous photographs together, I immediately realized I would do the thing I love the most in photography: work with a person who is genuinely interested in the art of photography and in herself. Indeed, I believe the time was right in her life to be proud of her soul and her body, to a point where she would be ready to look at her photographs and agree with herself she was simply beautiful. It takes some guts and a lot of wisdom to reach that point :-) .

We decided we would create pregnancy photographs with a twist of glamour, or “Charme”, I should say. Where I am from,”Charme” is not Glamour or Boudoir. “Charme Photography” is intimate but not too revealing. “Charme Photography” is appealing but never over the border. “Charme Photography” is soft and tender, much more Aubade than Victoria Secret.

The morning of the photo session was her morning. Her husband was kind enough to take care of the kids, and we worked just the two of us for about 4 hours. We had breaks, fun. We talked, we worked. I marveled at some of the photographs I was capturing, but I would not let her look at them :-) . Well, a great moment in my life. I was blessed enough that this person allowed me in her private universe. Thank you, deeply.

Bottom line, these types of session are like a spa experience for a woman: It is all about her, that day. Me, I’m just a witness of what she’s willing to give me. And all the rest is pure literature…

Before to conclude, let me wish you a happy and healthy year 2011 and many other good years!

So without further due, here are the photographs she kindly allowed me to share with you. Thank you.











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HELP-PORTRAIT 2010, 12/2010

by Administrator on Dec.27, 2010, under Events


Reporting late from HELP-PORTRAIT 2010!

I have to apologize for this late posting. I have been taken by important matters and was not able to post this update before now. Well, it is now done.

It all started two years ago with Jeremy Cowart, big time photographer, wanting to make a difference in his community.

Jeremy Cowart photographic work

Two years after, many many thousands of volunteers (photographers, make-up artists, hair-dressers, etc.) came together again to give a picture, not to take it.

We had a roaster list of about 50 people helping to make persons in need feeling unique, at least for once, during the year: we listen, talk, chit-chat, laugh hopefully, but communicate for sure. We take the time for them. We take the time to give them our consideration. We pamper them and their family so they get some ‘warmth’ moments.

This year we got the help of St Vincent Charitable Organization to find persons in need. We worked for two months preparing the event.

That day, the families are leaving with a free 8×10 framed studio quality photograph. As we give photographs that day, and not just take them, the spirit of the event is that we do not want to show or advertise their portraits, dear readers, mostly so they can keep their privacy. Remember, we give the photographs that day, we don’t take them. But I would be delighted to show you behind the scenes so maybe next year you will want to spare a few hours of your time, grab your camera, and give a picture too. What do you think?

To finish here, I would like to thank again the whole team of photographers, make-up/hair stylists, and other volunteers. We’ll see you soon for another event.

Well, one last note. Before the photos behind the scene, here is the video behind the scene… You never know, it may inspire you…

HELP-PORTRAIT 2010 video

If you want to help next year, sign-up and find an event located close to your home.

Photos credits: Valeria Dussart and myself.


Helena and John

Helena (she should be a manager) and Apollo (photographer)


Armand and Margeaux, both photographers of the day. She's got the eye. She does. If only I was a girl, I might get her vision and approach??? Margeaux, you are a prodigy.

Armand, Marry (volunteer), Apollo and Bill (volunteer). See behind a photo booth.

Team work, team work...

And again...


It is a team work. Yep!!! You've got that right.

One of our Master printer helping parents to select a photograph to print: Winslow

Armand and Bill

Armand and Herve

HD video... and Cut!

One of our preferred moment during the day.

Armand, Helena, Apollo and Herve

Herve and Armand

Sylvia from Salon Rizos


The artist

Make-up station

Our IT and camera man: Herve

Behind the scene photographer: Valeria

One of the hero of the day interviewed

Yep, Margeaux. Did I tell you already she's got the eye?

Apollo in full action

Two managers talking ... management??

Daniel. The other Master printer... Where did I put your picture anyway???



Apollo made the day of this family

A princess and a prince to be, for sure.



Our make-up and hair specialist team. Neilson Beauty College... You rock!

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Lunar Eclipse, 12/2010

by Administrator on Dec.22, 2010, under Events


A but unusual for me, but also very unusual to Mankind…

So, I heard about this specific lunar eclipse that was meant to happen December 21th a few days before. Never paid really attention up to the moment I heard the moon would be red flamboyant in the night sky. I had to see it for myself, and I had to capture that color on a photograph.

I stood up during the night of December 20th, at 01:20 AM, to see how it was coming up, as I read the total eclipse was supposed to occur at 02:17AM. I got the pictures you can see above thinking I would come back at 02:17AM to see the whole moon ”reddished” by the sun being eclipsed by the Earth.

Well, this was not counting with the weather! At 02h15, I was out and, you guessed it, dense clouds started to form and obstruct the view of the moon…

Oh well, I was luck enough to have seen the formation of the total eclipse. No complaints, thus… :-)

So, how did we get the red color on the surface of the moon? Well, December 20th 2010,  the day of the Norther Winter Solstice, the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon were perfectly aligned. And that only happened once before since the Christian era started… At 02:17 AM, the Earth would completely eclipse the sun, viewed from the moon.

The only light the moon would get would be coming from the light rays of the sun scattered (refracted) by the earth’s atmosphere. And this refraction basically bends the short wavelengths more than the longer wavelength. Hence, remains untouched the longer wavelength rays… that is the red color.

For the atsronaut to be, please visit this page below for the full details.


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The Girls… with a bit of Mum and Dad, 10/2010

by Administrator on Dec.21, 2010, under Kids


It has been such a long time I have not posted any photographs… Well, busy busy as they say but also I have not collected (mostly by my fault) all the permissions to put photographs from recent sessions on the web/blog… Well, I’m working on this :-) .


Last week, I worked with two very  E N E R G E T I C  and very sweet girls. It went in every directions, from laughing and jumping on the sofa to posing and having a true collaboration with the girls. Heck, you can have that already at their age and I sure miss the fun we had with them and Mum and Dad!

So, it took us a few hours to conclude this “seance photo”. The start of such teamwork is … well… team building: get to know each other, get them to be in their environement and make them realize they are in control of what is happening. They are the stars of the moment.

Then came the point in time where they realized we were in fact already way into working those photographs out and not really playing, per se, anymore. Well, we never stopped to play but they started to believe into the result of what may come. And that is where everything starts for me. After that trigger point, there is no coming back: it is all and just plain fun. So, at some point, we all became the Team we wanted to be to create those natural pictures. When you reach that point, just suggest them some ideas, and they will do the rest.

What about the parents then? Well, the work of the day was mostly geared toward the kids. But, Mum and Dad were with me all the time, with Mum being my official assistant of the day. I would say we formed a good team.

So, without further due, let’s have a look at those treasures.










With Mum...

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