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Lunar Eclipse, 12/2010

by Administrator on Dec.22, 2010, under Events


A but unusual for me, but also very unusual to Mankind…

So, I heard about this specific lunar eclipse that was meant to happen December 21th a few days before. Never paid really attention up to the moment I heard the moon would be red flamboyant in the night sky. I had to see it for myself, and I had to capture that color on a photograph.

I stood up during the night of December 20th, at 01:20 AM, to see how it was coming up, as I read the total eclipse was supposed to occur at 02:17AM. I got the pictures you can see above thinking I would come back at 02:17AM to see the whole moon ”reddished” by the sun being eclipsed by the Earth.

Well, this was not counting with the weather! At 02h15, I was out and, you guessed it, dense clouds started to form and obstruct the view of the moon…

Oh well, I was luck enough to have seen the formation of the total eclipse. No complaints, thus… :-)

So, how did we get the red color on the surface of the moon? Well, December 20th 2010,  the day of the Norther Winter Solstice, the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon were perfectly aligned. And that only happened once before since the Christian era started… At 02:17 AM, the Earth would completely eclipse the sun, viewed from the moon.

The only light the moon would get would be coming from the light rays of the sun scattered (refracted) by the earth’s atmosphere. And this refraction basically bends the short wavelengths more than the longer wavelength. Hence, remains untouched the longer wavelength rays… that is the red color.

For the atsronaut to be, please visit this page below for the full details.


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