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HELP-PORTRAIT 2010, 12/2010

by Administrator on Dec.27, 2010, under Events


Reporting late from HELP-PORTRAIT 2010!

I have to apologize for this late posting. I have been taken by important matters and was not able to post this update before now. Well, it is now done.

It all started two years ago with Jeremy Cowart, big time photographer, wanting to make a difference in his community.

Jeremy Cowart photographic work

Two years after, many many thousands of volunteers (photographers, make-up artists, hair-dressers, etc.) came together again to give a picture, not to take it.

We had a roaster list of about 50 people helping to make persons in need feeling unique, at least for once, during the year: we listen, talk, chit-chat, laugh hopefully, but communicate for sure. We take the time for them. We take the time to give them our consideration. We pamper them and their family so they get some ‘warmth’ moments.

This year we got the help of St Vincent Charitable Organization to find persons in need. We worked for two months preparing the event.

That day, the families are leaving with a free 8×10 framed studio quality photograph. As we give photographs that day, and not just take them, the spirit of the event is that we do not want to show or advertise their portraits, dear readers, mostly so they can keep their privacy. Remember, we give the photographs that day, we don’t take them. But I would be delighted to show you behind the scenes so maybe next year you will want to spare a few hours of your time, grab your camera, and give a picture too. What do you think?

To finish here, I would like to thank again the whole team of photographers, make-up/hair stylists, and other volunteers. We’ll see you soon for another event.

Well, one last note. Before the photos behind the scene, here is the video behind the scene… You never know, it may inspire you…

HELP-PORTRAIT 2010 video

If you want to help next year, sign-up and find an event located close to your home.

Photos credits: Valeria Dussart and myself.


Helena and John

Helena (she should be a manager) and Apollo (photographer)


Armand and Margeaux, both photographers of the day. She's got the eye. She does. If only I was a girl, I might get her vision and approach??? Margeaux, you are a prodigy.

Armand, Marry (volunteer), Apollo and Bill (volunteer). See behind a photo booth.

Team work, team work...

And again...


It is a team work. Yep!!! You've got that right.

One of our Master printer helping parents to select a photograph to print: Winslow

Armand and Bill

Armand and Herve

HD video... and Cut!

One of our preferred moment during the day.

Armand, Helena, Apollo and Herve

Herve and Armand

Sylvia from Salon Rizos


The artist

Make-up station

Our IT and camera man: Herve

Behind the scene photographer: Valeria

One of the hero of the day interviewed

Yep, Margeaux. Did I tell you already she's got the eye?

Apollo in full action

Two managers talking ... management??

Daniel. The other Master printer... Where did I put your picture anyway???



Apollo made the day of this family

A princess and a prince to be, for sure.



Our make-up and hair specialist team. Neilson Beauty College... You rock!

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