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Lisa Joshi – 01/2011

by Administrator on Jan.13, 2011, under Glamour

With Lisa, I have reunited with my first love in photography. Taking photographs of the female soul. Simple curves, simple lines but a lot of warmth and “bien etre”…

We had the photo session going along very well. Other photographers were with me that day. I worked with a single light, as I was looking for ‘dramatic’ images.

You see, Lisa has this look, this face, those lines. A lot of emotions was coming out of her, even out of  her skin, during the photo shoot. She is a normal person, normal easy going girl. Yet, there she was standing with that ‘aura’ around her. Unbelievable, emotional, pure, intense… I have a hard time to find words to describe the moments I shared with her behind the lens… Still, sometimes, Lisa showed more assertive poses, maybe revealing another side of her personality. Who knows?

She worked hard that day. Long hours in front of many lenses, and she worked with excellence. I tried to be there to capture her soul. Did I even come close to it? Well, please, let me know…

I have created a few photographs I wanted to share with you. To me, they are to be cared as you would with jewels. They are that pure…

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