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A little glamor in this cold winter… 01/2011

by Administrator on Jan.22, 2011, under Glamour


Hello everyone,

Yes, it is cold nowadays. I know it too well… But at least, I had a go at a snowman a few days ago! After which, you come back home, get yourself a hot chocolate and stay cozy and warmy…

Speaking of warmth, a little ’softy cozy’ glamor moments would not hurt anyone, I hope.

Here are a couple of photographs I took with Bonnie Olson a few days ago. Beautiful eyes! Bonnie is currently finishing a scientific degree. And she said something in those lines during the shoot. “Even a nerd can be beautiful”. I happen to strongly, and strongly again, agree with this statement Bonnie :-) .

So, when is the summer back did you say!??

See you soon.


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