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A moment in time – 06/2011

by Administrator on Oct.30, 2011, under Glamour


The way I see Photography is a way to capture a slice of your life. I’m a witness of your existence for a given time, at a given location, with a given mood. Come back tomorrow, and all might have changed. So, when the moment is right, I just grab it.

Even though you might desire a change in your life at some point, it is not always simple to confront your new life. Same with my photography in this post. Going through a photo session like this one is basically a life changing experience. You start to wonder why would you do such a thing. Then, you might start to think: why not? Our appearance is not fixed in time. You come back in 30 years and you look back at you when you were younger, or even your grown-up daughter looks back at the photographs, and a big slice of your life will just pop out the paper…  A photograph carries history with it, for ever.

So, me and the model discuss regularly a few weeks before to even take the camera in my hand. We discuss why I want to work with the model. It is so important for me as I want to explain to the model what do I see visually, unique to her, that could help transform her on photo paper. Why would she want to work closely with me? Why me, and not another photographer for instance? What the husband/partner thinks about the concept? I get a bit of the model’s history in life during those discussions, and she understands a bit more who I am. And because all my models are also “regular” people like you and me, their life is full of passion about their kids, work, husband, and family. They bring with them a whole lot of reasons why they desire such photographs about themselves.

After some “not too serious” conversations with the model, we start to look at what we want to do exactly. We look at books, magazines, the web. We do not really know how far we will go from clothes to ‘less clothes’ but we definitely put boundaries. We select clothes, color, location. And we chat again about life, basically. Gradually, the moment becomes … it. Trust and ease on each size is there, and we are both ready.

Still, when the big day comes, we both have an adrenaline rush the morning of the shoot. It takes time to bring it down a few notches. That’s where wine helps, I suppose. But after about an hour into it, we are just both of us, natural light and a camera. Marvel happens then. Photographs here below speak for themselves.

Then, when all is done and already packed since a few days, something happens to you, dear model. This experience gives you confidence and pleasure in who you are. You faced challenges that day of the shooting. That is for sure a challenge for anyone. But going over it, being proud of seeing yourself in a 20 x 30 format… That is a defining moment in your life that boosts your personality and maybe even helps you. And maybe you decided to do the photographs in the first place because… you needed that moral boost.

In all cases, I was privileged to be allowed in your life, the time of a few hours. Thank you for this trust. But nothing comes for free in life. I also had to show you everything I had during those hours. It is a bi-directional and temporary ‘relation’. I am part of that, as much as you are. It is a big challenge to me also. When the shoot is done, you know me better as my close friends do. To a point where after a shoot like that, I’m emotionally exhausted, but for the good cause.

My models have by definition a desire to stay anonymous. I’m already glad they allow me to share a few photographs with you. But I would venture to say that if they could talk right here, they would tell you that it was a good experience and it helped them in their own way.

I will let you look at a small selection here. The rest is not for us to see…

That’s it for now… Happy Halloween!

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