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This blog supplements my web site that can be found at:

To access my web site, you will be required to enter the same credential you have used to reach this blog.

You will find on these pages photographs that didn’t make it to the galleries appearing on my web site. One major reason for this is that I wish to keep the web site a gallery which contains just enough material to provide a glimpse of my work without cluttering too much the browsing experience with a succession of photographs just about the same subjects. I usually limit to three or four photographs for each new photo shoot added in the web site galleries.

This blog has been put in place so you would have a place where to look for more pictures of a particular photo shoot I did, if you are interested.

As on my web site, the blog is divided in different style of photographs. Be sure to click on the tab that interests you.

As for my web site, I need to emphasize that as for this blog the gallery ‘Intimacy’ may reveal very soft nude material. There will never be anything offensive but some people might have objections regarding that style of photography, even if it relates to woman’s pregnancy. I would like to suggest to those to not look at this section.

If you are not yet 18 years old, please do skip the section “Intimacy”.

Feel free to comment on the pictures at any time.

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