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Make Mothers Matter Europe (MMM) – 05/2011

by Administrator on May.03, 2011, under News


Bravo! Here it is. A long and very meticulous work undertaken by volunteers of the MMM organization (European branch).

First thing first, who is MMM? Well, here follows an exact description of who they are (

MMM Europe is part of MMM or the World Movement of Mothers.

The “Mouvement Mondial des Mères” (MMM) or “World Movement of Mothers” was created in 1947. The MMM raises awareness of society, policy makers and public opinion on the vital role of mothers for promoting peace and on their contribution to social and economic progress. MMM is an international, apolitical and non-denominational NGO. It benefits of a general consultative status at the United Nations.

The World Movement of Mothers also voices the interests of mothers to national and international institutions. The European delegation of the World Movement of Mothers (MMMEurope) has the mission of voicing European mothers’ concerns to European policy makers.

So, how does this involve me? Well, people who knows me well will easily understand that my utmost respect to the Woman has naturally redirected my interest in MMM. Moreover, MMM Europe is basically a team of volunteers who put up an enormous amount of work servicing the brochure you will see below. And that deserves recognition and all the help it can get. Also, I have a special thought for MMM Europe as a dear friend of mine working there helped putting together the brochure below gathering 11,000+ woman responses to the survey about being a mother in Europe.

The report you will see below provides detailed information about concerns, priorities and recommendations voiced by Mothers living in Europe.  But, more closely related to me, quite a few pictures present in the brochure are part of the work I volunteered with mothers I knew who accepted to “strike the pose” for me in their environment. I also provided many photographs for the MMM Europe web site presence (

This project touched me on many levels. First, It will be the first time I have photographs published with such a scope: 750+ Members of the European Parliament will see the brochure, and a part of a 10,000+ journalists crowd across Europe might be seeing those photographs too if they are interested by the subject. And it is possible many paper/web magazines will also tap into the image bank I provided MMM Europe to put in their own articles. Then, it is about Woman in their natural environment: motherhood, in this instance. But also, most importantly to me, I wanted to tell my way that I always try to understand how hard it can be to be a Mother in this world. It always seems unfair to me that a Mother who raises the next generation population has to put up with lower salaries for the same job, non flexible work schedules,  and condescending attitudes at the work place. Woman, Mums…. where would the world be without you !?? The faster, us , guys, we get it, better the world will be!

So, here is the brochure in a PDF file format: MMM_English.

Enjoy the reading and pass it on! I know I have people following my photographic work from around 15 countries in the world (North and South America, Europe, Far and Middle East). Now is a good time to spread even more the word on my work. All at your Facebook pages, tag this article with a “LIKE”, or repost on your walls, and let MMM be heard, everywhere. I approve this message :-) .



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Testing Cheetahstand gears… 09/2010

by Administrator on Sep.16, 2010, under Glamour, News

Hello there,

I have recently acquired new light gear from Cheetahstand. I tested them on a lovely model recently.

I have used the Speed Pro bracket attached to a beauty dish and a QB24. Amazing result from both of them. The QB24 is a very portable 24″ double baffled soft box.  It looks very durable. It provides a very soft light but not as broad as an umbrella. Exactly what I needed for a soft feminine portrait. The beauty dish is fantastic; the light pattern is configurable: you can have different light spread depending how you place the internal reflector and the flash head. And it seems to have the right diameter (16″)  for my type of work. Armed with a collapsible reflector, it is a beauty to work with for portrait.

I hanged the QB24 and the beauty dish on a Cheetah boom. This boom is solid. It does not slip and stays easily configurable while on the job. It has a white base when opened, it will hardly fall off when equipped with sand bag. Thanks to the Speed  Pro bracket, it is so easy to change from a Beauty Dish to a QB24 in merely a few seconds.

For my flashes, I used the TD381 battery packs sold by Cheetahstand. Equipped with the Powergenix 1.6V batteries, it provides me light equipment with fast recycle time for my 580EX.

The background was illuminated by a Cheetahstand reflector + barn door set with different color filters, mounted on a Cheetahstand C12 stand. I had the grid fitted on the reflector to focus the light a bit. The barn door seems robust.

I like the Cheetahstand equipment. And the price is very competitive for the quality I have seen so far! Notwithstanding the quality, the support is excellent! I have AB that I am about to dump, so I can shoot on location in a much lighter way with still power and a lot of flexibility. Next thing to try will be the strip box and fitting my AB octabox on the Speed pro bracket.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Beauty Dish



Beauty Dish



Beauty Dish

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Walmart Facebook printing?

by Administrator on Jul.24, 2010, under News


I wanted to share with you a post I saw on a  blog (A. J. Wood – Adobe Instructor).

It seems that Facebook, with the help of their Facebook Connect API, will allow any of your friends to print any photograph on any of your album without your consent. On one side, I like the idea as it allows your family to print the photographs directly from Walmart instead of downloading the picture and sending it separately to Walmart and others. That’s cool. After all, Facebook is not really a place where things are kept private, so not a shocker. But from a business perspective, it becomes tricky as professional photographers effectively lose their “rights” and dues on the photographs as soon as it go on Facebook and their customers are on their friends list. It practically means low resolution images posted in the album could create poor quality prints that could negate completely the work put in the photographs. Not funny neither, mid to high-resolution photographs could be printed without warnings and any revenues .

A.J. Wood shows how to try to limit the damages. Follow the guide.

A.J. Wood Blog – Walmart post

It is not only Walmart that launched that initiative. You can also count on Target, Walgreens and other to come soon.

Ultimately, we are responsible with what we post on Facebook, and by accepting friends we now become also responsible of what our friends do with our pictures. Well, this is Facebook after all, we share it all and we are all in the same boat, right?


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